Sep 30 2014



I got pirate Figaro! Reblog with what you get!

undead carmen haha

'Disco Tonio' hahahahaha

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Sep 30 2014




Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

Even better — I’ll make an opera playlist ;)

Same here! And I’ll throw in some lieder, mélodies, canzoni, songs and oratorio while I’m at it. I’m thorough. :P

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Sep 30 2014

Ramón Vargas (Werther), Alice Coote (Charlotte), Heidi Stober (Sophie), Brian Mulligan (Albert) & Christian Van Horn (The Bailiff) in the San Francisco Opera’s production of Massenet’s Werther - photographs by Cory Weaver (2010)

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Sep 30 2014

omg ask these please they're so cute.

  • Blue: What song do you listen to when you're feeling down?
  • Cup: Do you drink Tea or Coffee?
  • English: How many languages can you speak?
  • Fear: Tell us three fears.
  • Game: What was the last board game you played?
  • Harry Potter: What was the last book you read?
  • Injury: Have you ever walked into a glass door?
  • Jump: Do five jumping jacks/star jump.
  • Kiss: Who's your biggest celebrity crush?
  • Love: Do you believe in marriage?
  • Money: What would you do with 1 million dollars?
  • Naughty: Tell us three things that your parents disapprove of?
  • Oops: What is one thing you'd like to change/fix?
  • Picture: Post a pic of your lovely face.
  • Quality: Name three of your favourite blogs.
  • Rapunzel: Name three Disney movies that you adore.
  • Star-sign: When's your birthday?
  • Teacher: What do you aspire to be?
  • Unite: Do you sponsor a cause?
  • Varsity: Do you play/watch sport?
  • Xylophone: Do you play an instrument?
  • Yellow: What's your favourite colour?
  • Zoo: What is your favourite animal?

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Sep 29 2014
  • Vincent : I'm not a misanthrope, I like the male half of mankind
  • Me : Thanks ...
  • Vincent : No but to me you're above everyone, you love opera !

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Sep 29 2014

Alice Coote photographed by David Levene, 2010

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Sep 29 2014






reblog if u are a BIRD or if you want to KISS cute GIRLS

and cute boys plz

reblog if u are a BIRD or if you want to KISS cute GIRLS

Well, I guess we found Papageno’s Tumblr

Definitely Papageno searching for Papagena’s Tumblr

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Sep 29 2014
Hi Res
Sep 28 2014


Professional opera singer Joyce DiDonato backstage during her Stella di Napoli concert in Paris.

And with this I bid thee goodnight.

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Sep 28 2014

Why did I think it would be a good idea to watch the end of Harry Potter instead of going to bed now I’m crying I should have known.

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